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Clean Engen Fund: Solar for Farmers:

The single largest cost for poultry farmers is electricity because chicken houses operate 24 hours/day. EDEN has established a Fund to provide solar systems for poultry farmers at no-out-of-pocket-cost for the farmer to help meet the challenge of rising electricity rates for agriculture…
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EDEN Blog:

John Brown was an abolitionist and a fighter. After making his reputation between 1855 and 1858, in the Missouri and Kansas territorial wars, he traveled nearly 2,000 miles on what some say was a suicidal mission to attack a U.S. Armory in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. He was accompanied by a rag-tag group of 22 persons, including white men, several sons, and negro Freemen. To this day, no one knows why he pressed the attack on the Harpers Ferry Amory in 1859...
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Almost 34% of the trash at landfills is made up of organic material like food scraps, paper and cardboard. EDEN trains food generators (e.g., restaurants, hospitals, and schools) to separate and capture this material so that it can be bio-converted into a nutrient-rich soil supplement to help farmers grow more crops…
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The Green Circle

EDEN’s Educational Programs and Demonstration Projects directly benefit small businesses, people of low-and moderate income, entrepreneurs, farmers and/or employers, and serve to stimulate the local economy to get us back on the EDEN path to prosperity. We provide creative and innovative approaches to sustainable living through:
1. Education of the public on the opportunities for sustainable practices in everyday life
2. Creation of demonstration projects which enhance community economic development and the quality of life through.
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The SNAC Program introduces children and their families to the planting and harvesting of healthy foods through the SNAC curriculum for middleschool students.Using the Garden and Greenhouse as teaching tools SNAC incorporates science, math, core curriculum in lessons in the Garden. Children come away from this experience with healthy habits in relating to wholesome food, and a knowledge of where food comes from…
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