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Clean Engen Fund: Solar for Farmers:

The single largest cost for poultry farmers is electricity because chicken houses operate 24 hours/day. EDEN has established a Fund to provide solar systems for poultry farmers at no-out-of-pocket-cost for the farmer to help meet the challenge of rising electricity rates for agriculture…
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CABE/EDEN Alliance:

Because of the high cost of inorganic fertilizer, many farmers use raw poultry litter as a fertilizer additive. As the Delmarva poultry industry has grown, this practice has contributed to nutrient run-off that pollutes the Chesapeake Bay. The CABE/EDEN Alliance, using a patented technology, will bio-convert poultry litter into energy and fertilizer, separating nitrogen and phosphorus so that grain farmers will have an organic product that does not cause nutrient loading in the Bay…
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Almost 34% of the trash at landfills is made up of organic material like food scraps, paper and cardboard. EDEN trains food generators (e.g., restaurants, hospitals, and schools) to separate and capture this material so that it can be bio-converted into a nutrient-rich soil supplement to help farmers grow more crops…
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Full Circle Fund

EDEN has created the Full Circle Fund that offers low-to-moderate income patients access to integrative health care methods proven to have impact on chronic health issues. These integrative health care methods give patients more holistic lifestyle choices in nutrition, exercise and stress management. Patients receiving these services will have a small co-pay, along with financial aid from the Fund ...
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The SNAC Program introduces children and their families to the planting and harvesting of healthy foods through the SNAC curriculum for middleschool students.Using the Garden and Greenhouse as teaching tools SNAC incorporates science, math, core curriculum in lessons in the Garden. Children come away from this experience with healthy habits in relating to wholesome food, and a knowledge of where food comes from…
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