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Our mission is to engage children and business leaders in economic and practical solutions for sustainable living.

Wellnet advocates healthy living and the use of renewable resources through education and entrepreneurship.

Our specific purpose is to create a "Wellnet"; a community of concerned individuals, professionals, local merchants and other non-profit organizations who are dedicated to the educate the public about social, health and wellness resources, the alternatives for holistic health and the conscientious and careful use of our renewable resources. We encourage the principles of sustainability; the respect for environment, and the creation of green jobs through the use and recovery of renewable resources. We encourage all to become healthier, happier and more spirited, and to respect the earth's resources.

The Delmarva Community Wellnet Foundation (The Wellnet) was born in 2004 out of the desire to create more health & balance, and less stress & chronic disease in our community. We are a growing organization, with a talented, diverse board of directors and staff. The Delmarva Community Wellnet Foundation collaborates with school communities, citizens and educational organizations in the Delmarva region engaged in fostering the sustainable future and wellness of our community.

2021 Board of Directors

Bruce Wright

First State Community Action Agency
Georgetown, Delaware

Lee Beetschen
Formerly from Duffield Associates
Dover, Delaware

2019 Principals

DC Kuhns
Executive Director, Founder

E-mail: dckuhns@earthlink.net
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Kim Furtado, ND
Program Director, Founder

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Lori Monroe

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