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2019 EDEN Delmarva Clean Water Forum

We define the problem with water quality and give real solutions to improving water quality in Delaware’s waterways.

A Look Back at Delaware's Oyster Industry

In the early 1900s, oyster and clam wagons sat on major city street corners, where people now grab quick lunches from hot dog, gyro or taco trucks.

Shellfish was once a major industry in Delaware, said aquaculture specialist John Ewart at a recent Clean Water Forum hosted by EDEN Delmarva. The Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay and the Inland Bays were hot spots for a shellfish industry so profitable its product was dubbed white gold.

- Cape Gazette

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To All Participants of Last Year’s, 2016 Clean Water Forum:

This letter is directed to all last year’s attendees who may be contemplating attending the 2017 Clean Water Forum, and others who may be interested.

This year’s Clean Water Forum will focus on “how to fix the nutrient overload in the Inland Bays”, from storm water runoff; agriculture; and residential and commercial development. No matter how many times one discusses these pollution problems, one comes away with the conclusion that we must tackle the nutrient overload in the Inland Bays first before trying to solve the problems with the causes of this pollution.

Together, solving the nutrient overload in the Inland Bays, and the variant causes of this pollution, are no small challenge for the state of Delaware. But we know, in our hearts, it is something that we must do. Even if it takes a generation, it is a challenge that Delawareans must rise-up to accomplish; if not for our own sakes, for our children, and generations to come.

The solutions are difficult, but together, all of us can accomplish this task. What better legacy to leave future generations than the creation of Clean Water in all of our Delaware’s waterways. I look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Clean Water Forum!

All the Best,
D.C. Kuhns, Executive Director, EDEN Delmarva

EDEN Delmarva presents the Second Annual Clean Water Forum.
The Forum is scheduled to be held Friday, May 12, 2017 from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM at the Atlantic Sands Hotel, 101 N. Boardwalk, at the Ocean in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Cost: $39 for each participant

Registration includes Continental Breakfast and Lunch. Press invited as guests of EDEN Delmarva at no charge.

Your paypal receipt will be used as your ticket to gain entry to the Clean Water Forum.

Final Program Agenda (Download .pdf)

“Overall, water quality in the Inland Bays remains fair to poor…” (2016 State of the Inland Bays.) Progress has occurred, but runoff, agriculture, and a rapidly growing population in Sussex County continue to thwart sufficient improvement in water quality. Nutrient pollution continues to present issues in Delaware waterways.

The Forum explores solutions to address pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and Inland Bays. Content areas will span four themes: Agriculture; Aquaculture; Clean Water in Delaware Surface Waters; and Wastewater/Septic Systems in Rural Delaware.

EDEN Delmarva is a local nonprofit community service organization promoting the principles of sustainability, including the repair and restoration of water quality in all Delaware waterways. The Forum will pinpoint causes and explore solutions to the issue of nutrient overload in the Chesapeake Bay, the Inland Bays, among other waterways in Delaware.

Topics include:

  • Aquaculture in Delaware

  • Clean Up of Nutrient Overload from Failing Rural Wastewater Systems (an Innovative USDA Initiative)

  • Rehoboth Beach Outfall

  • Agriculture in Delaware: Technological Solutions on the Farm

  • Prevention of Cataclysmic Environmental Events

EDEN Delmarva is presently developing a dynamic program focusing on four themes: Agriculture, Wastewater/Septic Systems in Rural Delaware, Marine Water, & Shellfish Aquaculture.

Top leaders and local experts outline their agendas for change and discuss what more could and should be done.

U.S. Senator Tom Carper, in a video greeting, supports the efforts of the Clean Water Forum.

State of Delaware’s Inland Bodies of Water, David Wolanski, Environmental Scientist, Watershed Assessment and Management Section, DNREC.

Marine Water/Rescue of Marine Animals at Rehoboth Beach, Suzanne Thurman, Executive Director, The Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute (MERR)

Aquaculture in Delaware, John Ewart, Marine Advisory Services Specialist, University of Delaware, College of Earth, Ocean & Environment/Dennis McIntosh, Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor, Aquaculture, Delaware State University

Clean Water and Flood Abatement Task Force – What Next?
Delaware State Senator Bryan Townsend, Former Chair, Clean Water and Flood Abatement Task Force

Innovative USDA Program, Rural Wastewater/Septic Systems Upgrades, Nonprofit Utilities
“Clean Water Solutions” – Jeremy Kalmbacher, President, Diamond State Sustainability Corp; D.C. Kuhns, Executive Director, EDEN Delmarva; Jean Holloway, State Director of Delaware, Southeastern Rural Community Action Project

Prevention of Environmental Cataclysmic Events/Stormwater Runoff, Todd Fritchman, Aquatic Biologist, Envirotech

The Phosphorous Challenge: Insights and Opportunities, R.C. Willin, Delaware Poultry and Grain Farmer

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

“...Clean water sustains life, improves public health and safety, provides healthy habitats for fish, plants, and wildlife, promotes recreational activities, and buoys local economies...”