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Biography for D.C. Kuhns

DC Kuhns
Executive Director
Mr. Kuhns has had a diverse business career during which he has been an entrepreneur, developer of projects and companies, a technology commercialization specialist, mergers and acquisition specialist, turn-around specialist, and a business and financial consultant, all in the field of renewable energy projects and the recovery of renewable resources. In the field of energy technology development he has assessed projects with more efficient bio-conversion of waste through anaerobic digestion to thermal energy; the conversion of agricultural and urban waste products to bio-gas or nutrient-rich fertilizer, or electricity, the distributed generation of fuel or electricity, and the storage of energy. As a consultant, he has assisted other companies with better business strategies that ultimately lead them to acquire customers, partners and capital. He is a respected expert in the field of renewable energy because of his 20 year history of work with biomass, wind, water, and solar as clean, renewable resources for the generation of electricity.

D.C. has been a principal involved with other partners in the ownership and management of four public companies. These companies include two un-regulated electric power utilities, using wind, biomass, photovoltaics and hydroelectric resources to generate electricity. He has also been an officer and a board member of a global wind development company, and an officer and director of a photovoltaics manufacturing and distribution company.

Energize Delmarva Now - Profile of Executive Director DC Kuhns.