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Clean Water Forums

Bringing academics, business leaders and would-be entrepreneurs together to create business plans and foster water quality innovations on Delmarva.

2019 Clean Water Forum
Funded by Eden Delmarva

The EDEN Blog

...a writer's opportunity to entertain all readers of the EDEN Delmarva web page with stories, both True Tales, and Tall Tales...

Funded by Eden Delmarva

The SNAC Program
(School Nutrition Agri-Culture)

Improving children’s health and academic performance through hands on nutrition education and experience of fresh whole foods, school garden and cafeteria policy advocacy.

The SNAC program benefits children by improving their relationship to local and fresh foods, enhancing community wide involvement in feeding our children, while also engaging multiple math, science, social studies, and other skills learned through experience in the garden.

Currently seeking funding

Funded by Chichester DuPont Foundation for 2011-2013 at Southern Delaware School of the Arts

Clean Water Solutions

...A Non-profit Utility with three (3) collaborators.

Funded by USDA, Delaware Community Foundation and Discover Bank

The Aquaculture Alliance

The Aquaculture Alliance is a demonstration project that will be proceeding in the Inland bays. The purpose of this project is to accomplish four things:

  • Mitigate water quality in the Inland bays
  • Seed the Inland bays with bi-valves; oysters, clams, and mussels
  • Create aquaculture products for sale to the general population including oysters, clams, and mussels
  • Create aquaculture farmers jobs in the Delaware Inland bays

Funded by Eden Delmarva

Sustainable Farming

A collaboration with Dr. Gordon Johnson; fruit and vegetable specialist at the Carvel Center, University of Delaware extension office. This three-year project has two years of data using compost as a soil supplement to stimulate more crop yield. The parties will seek a federal grant to bring Fruit and vegetable farmers to volunteer their land as testing ground for testing. The triplicate testing will compare inorganic fertilizer, and well as poultry litter with organic compost to show the difference in crop yield.

Funded by Eden Delmarva: Seeking Additional Grant Funding

REPLENISH stimulates the development of practical business models that build on the creative recovery and reuse of Delaware’s rich renewable resources, especially agriculture and waste by-products. Currently, diversion of organic materials is limited due to changes at two major compost facilities in our state.

Seeking Additional Grant Funding