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The Delmarva Community Wellnet is a local non-profit community service foundation that promotes healthy living, the recovery of renewable resources and the principles of sustainability; working everyday to make the world a better place.

The Wellnet’s Mission:
Our Mission is to engage children and business leaders in the demonstration of economic and practical solutions for
sustainable living.

EDEN Delmarva Mission Statement
May 31, 2018

As the World Population grows, fresh water, food, and energy are under increasing threats of shortage, together with the dire impacts of climate change, we are driven to find solutions to combat these increased challenges. We will solve all of the planet’s problems over time. But we must rise up, every day to meet these challenges. We must engage in economic and practical solutions for problem solving locally, as well as globally.

EDEN’s History:
Delmarva Community Wellnet Foundation, (aka) EDEN Delmarva is a mission-driven organization filled with partnerships motivated by a desire to contribute to a sustainable future, with clean water, sustainable farming and economic and practical demonstration projects that contribute to the local economy. The 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was founded in 2004 but remained dormant until Dr. Kim Furtado teamed up with entrepreneur and environmentalist D.C. Kuhns in 2009. Thanks to the generous grants of time and resources from private foundations Delmarva Community Wellnet Foundation has cultivated and leveraged resources that focus on environmental stewardship and education.

EDENs Passion is the Green Circle, of Food, Water, Harvest, and Recovery:
In close partnership with private foundations in Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic we collaborate with other nonprofit organizations committed to environmental education and practical and economic problem solving related to water, repurposing of renewable materials, agribusiness, and renewable energy.

EDEN is solution-oriented:
In many different demonstration projects, we are dedicated to solving environmental problems through practical and economic innovation, and education. Our projects engage both children and business leaders, in the public schools, the farming community, as well as political leaders within state government. We are dedicated finding solutions within the local economy.

The EDEN Project is categorized in two key ways.

Educational Programs:
The Wellnet administers educational programs which serve to train entrepreneurs and students in green economics, provide experiential learning environments for school children from families of low- to moderate income, and educates the community on business opportunities that are good for the environment and contribute to the economic welfare of the community.

Economic Development Demonstration Projects:
The foundation has created demonstration projects with business solutions to environmental and  health related challenges faced by entrepreneurs, small businesses, children and families of low to moderate incomes.  Demonstration projects are diverse, but unified and cohesive under our mission.  

What EDEN has achieved:

2009, Collaboration with Delaware Electric Cooperative to demonstrate that LED lighting in Poultry Houses saved Poultry Farmers 84% on their monthly electric bills.

2010-2018, School Nutrition Agri-culture, (SNAC) —In collaboration with the Indian River Public School System created a curriculum and erected Greenhouse and 19 raised beds for growing vegetables, in order to put students, parents and teachers in touch with their food harvest. Funded by Chichester DuPont Foundation.

2010-2012, Solar for Poultry Farmers: In collaboration with Standard Solar, the commercial solar engineering company, created a lease-financing structure, that could have benefitted poultry farmers, who could have had Standard Solar engineer and construct a solar system, that would provide 100% of the electrical energy to provide lighting and air conditioning for the Poultry Houses. Funding for this $5.0 MM project would have been provided by Maryland Industrial Development Bonds Authority, (MIDFA).

2010-2013, REPLENISH food waste recovery project funded by DNREC Greenhouse Gas collaborative, Longwood Foundation, and Welfare Foundation. End result was 1,200 tons of nutrient rich compost.

2013-2015, University of Delaware at Carvel Center, Georgetown, created a sustainable farming experiment that demonstrated Food Waste, when converted to compost, created a nutrient-rich fertilizer that contributed to increased yield and increased nutritional value.

2014-2018, In collaboration with the Delaware State University’s Department of Agriculture and the Business College, created a Workforce Development Program, (WDP). This WDP will invite ambitious African American, Hispanic and Vietnamese aquaculture farmers who want a sustainable job on the water of the Inland Bays. Prospective aquaculture farmers will take an Aquaculture Training course through the DSU extension as well as some financial literacy training to learn how operate their own business. At the end of the coursework, participants will receive a certificate from DSU for Aquaculture Farming.

2016-2018, Under an USDA RFI, EDEN Delmarva, (EDEN) Diamond State Sustainability Corporation, (DSSC) and Southeast Rural Community Action Project, (SERCAP) competed with other entities, then were invited to form a Triad of the 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, renamed Clean Water Solutions. This project involved financial investment by a myriad of private and public foundations, including the USDA, Delaware Community Foundation, and Discover Bank. The funding was for two (2) activities.