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Saturday March 29, 2014
9:30 am to 4:30 pm
At the Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Delaware

A community event for over 19 years in the community offering a free day of education and outreach through workshops, speakers, demonstrations, and exhibits to educate the public on holistic health, renewable resources, clean energy, the environment, local food, local artists and wellness topics.

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2014 Sponsorship/Exhibitor Registration open until March 20!


11:30 am: “Live Comfortably and Efficiently”

Heather Lawrence and David Lawson of Dr. Energy Saver
Learn how to save energy, your money and the planet’s resources.

1:00 pm: Keynote Speaker - Dr. Nancy Gahles, DC, CCH

“Navigating Health Care Reform through the Power of Self Care”

Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) www.ihpc.org
IHPC Federal Policy Committee, Co-Chair
IHPC Non-Discrimination Committee
President Emeritus, National Center for Homeopathy
CEO, Health and Harmony Wellness Education and TeleHealth & Harmony

Dr. Gahles will discuss several issues regarding integrative health and the attendee’s opportunity to become an effective agent of change for their own health. Her focus will be on two key issues. First, she will discuss how current health care reform affects the integrative health care community. Part of the Affordable Care Act states that insurance companies “shall not discriminate” against any state-licensed health provider, and Dr. Gahles will discuss what that means for long established disciplines, like acupuncture, Chinese medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, and midwifery.

Secondly, Dr. Gahles will educate the audience about their ability to be in charge of their own healthcare by understanding the link between what makes us tick and what makes us sick. She will explain how the power of self-care can enable each person to create their own wellness portfolio. The investments made into one’s healthcare can be effective and long lasting, if they empower each patient to take charge of their own health needs and if they are able to address the underlying causes of dis-ease.

3:00 pm: “Fight Cancer with Your Fork”

Dr. Susan Silberstein, Ph.D.
President/Founder: Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, BeatCancer.org

Have you or someone you care about had a cancer diagnosis? Do you want to prevent cancer or recurrence? Then do not miss this important workshop.

  • Learn the power of dietary choices in preventing cancer.
  • Find out what the science says about diet and cancer survival.
  • Learn over a dozen advantages of using nutrition in a cancer treatment program.
  • Discover the best foods and beverages for fighting cancer.
  • Learn how to create an inner environment which is unfriendly to cancer.


(In the Breakout Rooms, adjacent to the Auditorium)

West Side

10:00 a.m. “The Many Health Benefits of the Organic Ganoderma Mushroom”
Brian Hargraves, of Oragano Gold
10:45 a.m. “An Overview of Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Philosophy of Energy Based Healing”
Michele Anderson, of Wholistic Living Guide
11:30 p.m. "Dreams: Your Inner Realities”
Arnold Lewis, Delaware Satsang Society
12:15 p.m. “Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Essential Oils”
Kimberly Distilli of Wellness Balance
1:00 p.m. “An Introduction to Healing Touch, an accredited energy medicine profession, that has many benefits, such as stress reduction and pain relief, without medication”
Claudia Alesi, HTPA, of Oasis Wellness Spa
1:45 p.m. “How to Curb Your Appetite and Lose Weight- The Natural Way”
Kenneth Bartholomew of Regeneca Worldwide
2:30 p.m. “Discover the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Your Overall Health and Wellness”
Kim Stockslager, LMT of Inspirit Studios
3:15 p.m. “Indoor Air Quality Testing”
Sue White of Sussex Environmental Consultants
4:00 p.m “Holistic Ways to Control Emotional Influences”
Regina Lundeen of Breaking Buttons

East Side

10:30 a.m. “The Sufi Path” 
Maryam Kabeer of Kashmir Dream, Treasures from the Silk Road
11:15 a.m. “Tapping for Pain Management”
Veronica Correa, LCSW-C  and Rafail Correa of the Personal Wellness Center
12:00 p.m. "Learn How to Bridge the Nutrition Gap:  From What We Do Eat to What We Should Eat”
Joanne Chiappetta of Juice Plus
12:45 p.m. “How to Please Everyone with Delicious Healthy Recipes”
Anne Dinshah of the American Vegan Society
1:30 p.m. “Introduction to Animal Communications:  How to listen with your heart”
Jackie Rettberg, of Animal Talk with Jackie
2:15 p.m. “Tower Gardens”   Aeroponic vertical gardening.  Empowering Better Health by Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables- Organically!
Dr. Amber Golshani, N.D  Naturopathic Doctor               
3:00 p.m. “John of God and the Crystal Bed”
Rosemary Volpe
3:45 p.m “Be A Foodie: Learn the Art of Nutrition and Get Your Health Back to the Basics”
Kelly Roberts of Farm Foodie Fitness


(In the Gymnasium)

11:30 a.m. “Yoga for Every Body:  Chair Yoga"
Kate Fitzgerald and Team of Involution Yoga
12:30 p.m. "Fun Fit Vibe: Real Life Benefits of Powerplate Training"
Greg Mervine of  Fun Fit Vibe
Fun Fit Vibe offers hope and healing through strength and nutrition.  Utilizing the cutting edge of health and wellness technology with the top of the line powerplate pro 7.
1:30 p.m. “Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga”
Kate Fitzgerald and Team of Involution Yoga

Explore this style of yoga- suitable to everyone new to yoga or Ashtanga yoga. The teacher will break down the postures of the sun salutations and lead the student through the standing asanas (postures).

Ashtanga is a method of yoga that synchronizes the breath with a progressive series of postures. This process produces an internal heat and purifying sweat, creating a deep detoxification of the muscles and organs. Improvement of circulation, a light and strong body, and a clean mind are just some of the benefits that are gained from a continuous commitment to Ashtanga yoga. The key to developing strength and flexibility through Ashtanga yoga is PRACTICE!
2:30 p.m. “A Matter of Balance”
Richard Philips, of RSVP Delaware (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)

Many people have concerns about falling.  Change your mindset about falls.  Discover an interactive program to improve your balance and prevent unnecessary injury!
3:30 p.m. “Yoga for Every Body”
Kate Fitzgerald and Team of Involution Yoga


(In the Gymnasium)

Camp Arrowhead presents this year’s KID ZONE!

Joined by the Rehoboth Inspired Chefs Initiative!
Join us for FUN Games, Exercises, and Nutrition for the entire FAMILY.

Kid’s Zone

Craft and Learning Stations For the Body, Mind and Spirit.

This year the Zone will be hosted by members of the staff of Camp Arrowhead, a residential and day camp located on the western shore of Rehoboth Bay.

Come and join a great list of activities drawn from years of experience working with children in a natural environment!


(Locaed In the Gymnasium)

Presented by the Rehoboth Inspired Chefs Initiative

A family friendly day of presentations provided by local chefs dedicated to teaching children’s food education and planting seeds for the future!


Come meet the Rehoboth Inspired Chefs Initiative! a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the cause of local food related issues and to raising money for other charitable causes.

Founding board members consist of Jay Caputo chef owner of Espuma, Cabo, The Rose & Crown, Lion and Meg Gardner chef and owners of The Blue Moon, Gretchen Hanson Chef owner of Hobo’s, Shawn Xiong chef owner of Confucius, Danielle Panarello Pastry Chef of Jam, Eden; and includes the work of Hari Cameron, chef and owner of aMUSE.

Cooking Demonstrations
Learn about:

How to create a full week of meals easily! Sprouting!
Dough and Pastry Demonstrations! Veggie Burgers!
Power Bars! Juicing!
Smoothies! Planting!

Sponsorship & Exhibitor Registration OPEN Until March 20!

The Delmarva Community Wellnet Foundation is pleased to invite you to participate in the 19th Annual Holistic Health Fair. This year, for the first time we are partnering with the Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce to seek a greater base of participants and exhibitors, and to appeal to businesses in renewable energy and renewable resource sustainability.

If you are a holistic health practitioner, natural products retailer, an artist, a green business or environmental service provider, a grower or producer of natural/organic products, this is certainly an event in which you will want to participate. This is an opportunity for you to participate in educating our community about what you do!

We encourage you to register NOW.

Advertising space in the booklet is also available at reasonable rates. Your support of this program booklet is a wonderful way to catch the attention of the attendees!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Patty Burkentine at the Rehoboth Dewey Chamber of Commerce 302-227-2333 ext 15 We look forward to your participation in the 19th Annual Holistic Health Fair!

2014 Sponsorship/Exhibitor Registration

Must be postmarked by March 1, 2014
Event Sponsor: $1,000
  • Listed as a main sponsor on all promotional materials
  • Featured in all advertising of fair
  • Includes all benefits of Wellness Sponsor
Wellness Sponsor: $500
  • Free exhibit space (6’ x 8’ booth)
  • Premium location at the event
  • Free electricity provided
  • Six foot table, two chairs provided
  • Logo on banner at event
  • Logo and link on website
  • Prominent listing in program book- both vendor list and sponsor page
  • Free full page ad provided in program book
  • Mention in most advertising
  • 5 minute introduction during event
Education Sponsor: $350
  • Free exhibit space (6’ x 8’ booth)
  • Recognition at the event
  • Free electricity provided
  • Six foot table, two chairs provided
  • Logo and link on website
  • Prominent listing in program book- vendor list and sponsor page
  • Free half page ad provided in program book
* All sponsors must review and SIGN the “Exhibitor Information & Guidelines” included in their registration.

Must be postmarked by March 14, 2014
If postmarked after March 14 2014, must include $40 fee for late registration.
Non-profit: $75
  • Proof of non profit status may be requested
Commercial (no electric) $150
  • Six foot table, two chairs provided
  • • Free listing in program book
Commercial (with electric) $165
  • Six foot table, two chairs provided
  • Free listing in program book
  • One outlet for electricity
* All exhibitors must review and SIGN the “Exhibitor Information & Guidelines” included in their registration.

Program Book Advertisement:
Digital submission is required: 300 dpi, PDF preferred
SEND Ads to: HHF@edendelmarva.org All copy is due with your Registration.
Full Page Advertisement $250 Half Page Horizontal or Vertical $175 Quarter Page $100 Business card Size $45 Program Book Listing Only $35


18th Annual Holistic Health Fair
Saturday March 17, 2012
At the Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Delaware

Click for more pictures of the 18th Annual Holistic Health Fair

Did you enjoy our fair in 2012, and want to connect to one of our exhibitors?

We have posted our directory of vendors for our 2012 and 2010 Health Fairs below. Find your local holistic health care provider or green business just a click away! Please also feel free to find more resources for the holistic community at a like-minded group’s site, www.wholisticlivingguide.com.


If you are a holistic health practitioner, natural products retailer, a grower or producer of natural/organic products, a renewable energy provider, an environmental product vendor or offer other holistic services, this is certainly an event in which you will want to participate.

The speaker line up in the AUDITORIUM was:

11:00 REPLENISH Round Table Discussion

As a demonstration project of EDEN Delmarva, REPLENISH promotes the recovery of organic materials from Rehoboth Beach restaurants for the creation of compost and soil additives that help serve local farmers with their crops. REPLENISH seeks to encourage business leaders within the restaurant, resource recovery, transportation, and agricultural sectors to cultivate a paradigm shift in their business models that will be economically rewarding and good for the earth. Join participants as they discuss their work!

1:00 Superfoods for Longevity by Dr. Pina LoGiudice, N.D., L.Ac.

Let Dr. LoGiudice share with you the secrets of a well-lived, long life as she has done on the Dr. Oz show! Explore the world of superfoods, from the exotic to the every day ways to improve your health by including these precious morsels of delectable gifts from nature we call Superfoods.

3:00 Healing Depression and Anxiety Naturally Dr. Peter Bongiorno N.D., L.Ac.

As the author of Healing Depression, Dr. Bongiorno will inspire attendees with his breadth of knowledge and heartfelt understanding of the body, mind and spirit's experience of depression and anxiety. Learn about natural methods and nutritional support for a healthy mood. Find a path through the maze of information on your journey to wholeness.


Also enjoy a day's full schedule in two breakout rooms of workshops and demonstrations provided by various vendors, with a focus on women's health and men's health topics in one room, and "Green" topics in the other room.

Fun Facts about the 18th Annual Holistic Health Fair
  • Cross Fit Rehoboth will host the Kid's Zone
  • Enjoy local food vendors in the Cafeteria
  • Network and make new friends
  • Fun for the Whole Family