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The REPLENISH Program is seeking input from chamber member restaurants. We appreciate your time to share this basic information about your current waste disposal practices, and we look forward to following up with you about your potential participation in the REPLENISH Program.

Contact Information

Name of Restaurant:
Contact Person Name:
E-mail Address:

Single Stream Recycling

Name of Current Recycling Hauler:
Recycling Collection Frequency:
Size of Recycling Container:
Number of Recycling Containers:

Trash Collection

Name of Current Trash Hauler:
Trash Collection Frequency:
Size of Trash Container:
Number of Trash Containers:

Please indicate your estimated current monthly trash and recycling costs:

$0 to $250 $250 to $550 $500 to $1000 $1000+

REPLENISH is an EDEN demonstration project of the Delmarva Community Wellnet Foundation
funded by DNREC’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program, The Longwood Foundation and
Constellation Energy Foundation’s EcoStar Grant Program.